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How  many  foster  children  can  I  have  in  my  home?    
The number  of placements will depend on the size of your home, the number of your own children at  home, and your level of energy and enthusiasm in taking on this work.  There are  also State guidelines that determine the number of children who can be in the home. 

Can a single adult be licensed as a foster family?  
Yes, WhimSpire has one-parent  homes.  We carefully consider the time the parent has available to care for a foster child and to meet obligations as a foster parent.


Can both adult foster parents work outside of their home?
We have some families in which both of the foster parents work outside the  home.   We consider the amount of time these families have available to care for a foster child.


How do I become certified as a WhimSpire family?  
A WhimSpire staff will be contacting you to arrange a home visit and discuss the certification process.   In summary, you will need to do these things:


Submit an application.

Arrange for three references.

Complete fingerprint cards for state and federal background checks.

Complete a health appraisal for all members of your household.

Complete CPR and First Aid courses.

Participate in home study interviews and process with your WhimSpire staff.

Complete 12 hours of pre-service core training.

Assist WhimSpire staff in a home inspection in accordance with state 


How long will it take to complete licensing?  
WhimSpire can usually complete the licensing process within two to four months from the receipt of an application.   The length of the processing time depends on your timely completion of requirements.  A longer time may be required if there are any delays in securing your fingerprints, 

CPR/First Aid certification, health appraisals, or completing pre-service training. 

Will a criminal record disqualify me from being a WhimSpire foster parent?
It may, depending on the record.   Convictions for child abuse, child sexual abuse, family violence, or violent felony offenses will disqualify you from being licensed as a WhimSpire foster parent.  Convictions for other offenses may also disqualify you depending on the nature of the offense and how long ago it occurred.  If you have a criminal history, we encourage you to discuss this very early in your contacts with your licensing worker.

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