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WhimSpire’s Structured Parenting and Domestic Visitation Program offers services to the community by providing a safe environment for children to visit with their non-custodial parent, through supervised visits, off-site visits and Supervised exchanges.


Supervised Parenting Time:  WhimSpire maintains a safe and neutral environment for children as they interact with his/her non-residential parent.  Monitors closely supervise the contact between children and their parent(s) in order to foster healthy and appropriate interactions, free from manipulation, violence, and conflict.

​Domestic Visitation Program:
WhimSpire receives referrals from the judicial system; most of the referrals obtained are court ordered and are accompanied by a restraining order.  Parents with restricted parenting time are given an opportunity to visit with their child/children in our facility.  Frequency and times of those visits are decided upon by the courts.   WhimSpire does not require a court order to utilize our program.  In some cases WhimSpire is able to facilitate off-site visits with our clients.


Structured Parenting Time:
WhimSpire works closely with the Department of Human Services and their clients, by facilitating supervised parenting time between parents and their child/children in out of home placement.  Structured Parenting Time Specialists observe interactions between parents and their child/children as well as offering coaching and feedback while strengthening their relationship and supporting reunification when possible.


Supervised Exchanges: WhimSpire’s program offers supervised exchanges.  Supervised exchanges take place at WhimSpire’s facility and provide a non-threatening and comfortable place for children to wait for contact with their non-residential parent.  Supervised exchanges allow parents with protective orders to avoid possible conflict, harassment or violence during the exchange.


WhimSpire’s facility and parenting rooms are located on the first floor of Concord Place, 518 28 Rd., Building A Suite 104, Grand Junction, Co. (970)245-6004 ext. 210.

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